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Coordinator's message

Coordinator's message

message from the Primary Years Programme Coordinator

message from the Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Sabahat W. Bokhari

Primary Years Programme Coordinator



It gives me great pleasure and pride to welcome you to the BNI IB PYP page.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” –Margaret Mead.


We at BNI truly live by that statement. Our PYP learners from a very young age are always found immersed in learning engagements where they are given opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As an IB world school, we are firm proponents of the IB philosophy, one that is dictated by student agency, collaborative spirit, inquiry, reflection, skills acquisition, and conceptual development.

With the perpetually changing landscape of education the world over, the PYP educators at BNI truly appreciate that the curriculum and the teaching methodologies should be aligned and adapted to prepare students for the future. The children entering education today will be young adults in 2035.  In times of such rapid technological advancement, artificial intelligence, and ever-changing innovative solutions, BNI places high value in implementing primary years teaching and learning practices where students are prepared for jobs not yet created, technologies not yet invented, and to solve problems not yet anticipated. Our young learners are therefore equipped to attain the knowledge, develop attitudes, values, competencies, and a sense of purpose that they will need to thrive and shape the world of tomorrow.

From our Toddlers’ Programme, Early Years all the way up to Year Five, the BNI PYP learner demonstrates curiosity, imagination, resilience, and self-regulation who believe in respecting and appreciating the ideas, perspectives, and values of others.

I hope the above has served to give you an insight into the PYP Practice at BNI. I shall be pleased to walk you through further if you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me directly.

Yours in Learning. God Bless.


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