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Tazmeen Fatima

Name and role at BNI: Tazmeen Fatima – DP English Language & Literature Teacher.


Why BNI:  BNI is a lovely place where the emotional and intellectual wellbeing of, both, the students and teachers is the top priority. Students at BNI are challenged to develop as independent and balanced individuals who are receptive, sceptical and unbiased.


Certifications: I hold a Masters in English Literature from the University of Punjab, Pakistan and a Certificate in Professional Studies in Education from Bradford University. I have had a number of professional training opportunities as an IBDP educator at BNI including Category 1 English A Language and Literature, Teaching with ATL in mind, Category 3- Role of the supervisor in Extended Essay and Category 3 Exploring Works in Translation. 


My Experience:  I have taught English to O level and IGCSE for around 25 years at various branches of Beaconhouse. I have been teaching English IBDP Language and Literature for the past 3 years at BNI.


Fun Fact: I love hiking and travelling.