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Syed Muhammad Zaigham Zia

Name and Role at BNI: Syed M. Zaigham Zia— DP Biology & ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) Teacher.


Why BNI: BNI caters to the educational needs of students from all walks of life. With a strong commitment to learning and curriculum development, BNI provides the finest quality education and produces the very best in the country.


Certifications: Category 1 ESS, Category 3 Role of Supervisor in EE, Category 3 Assessments in DP/CP, Teaching with ATL skills.


My Experience: I have been teaching Biology for the past 5 years now. I have taught all mainstream curriculums including BISE, FBISE, CIE and the IB. 


Fun Fact: I am an accomplished rhythm guitarist and a research analyst exploring the world of science.