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Scheherazade Husain

Name and Role at BNI: Scheherazade Husain – DP Academic Advisor & TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Teacher.


Why BNI: Having experienced IB education as a student, I wanted to be part of an institution that would help me nurture the same love for education in my students that my own teachers instilled in me. BNI allows me the privilege of fostering passion, compassion and critical thinking in our future generations. 


Certifications: I read Politics, Sociology and Economics with Eastern European Studies at University College London in London, England and graduated with a B.A (Honours). In 2018, I was awarded the Degree of Master of Public Health from Brown University in the USA. I have been with BNI for over a year and have undergone IB trainings (Counselling Cat.2 and TOK Cat. 3) to enrich my understanding of the roles that I have here.

My Experience: I have worked as a health policy and health education researcher & consultant in 7 countries across 3 continents. My experiences have taken me from clinics and hospitals in Central Asia to specialised UN agencies in Europe. 


Fun Fact: I associate most things with smell and wanted to be a perfumer.