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Rabia Farrukh

Name and Role at BNI: Rabia Farrukh – MYP Subject Specialist (Mathematics).


Why BNI: It gives learning opportunities and professional development due to its IB programme.


Certifications: I am a certified Mathematics: Implementing the MYP Curriculum educator.


Experience: I have a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics and almost 14 years of work experience; which includes being a Science Coordinator and Maths Teacher in various well-reputed institutions such as Army Burn Hall College for Girls, The Science School and Beaconhouse School System. I believe in raising inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young individuals through learning and practice. 


Fun Fact: I have been teaching singing, acting and aerobics to my students for many years which has been an interesting element of my life and one I take immense pride in!