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Qamar Shahzad

Name and role at BNI: Qamar Shahzad—DP Chemistry Teacher.


Why BNI: I was teaching A-levels Chemistry, when I got the opportunity to teach Chemistry for the IB Diploma at BNI. It was a new stream of education for me, and upon research I found that its mechanisms align much better with my approach as an educator. BNI provides a safe and stimulating environment that promotes a quality education with extensive resources.


Certifications: MSc Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry; Bachelor of Education; IB DP Cat-1.


My Experience: I taught in multi-board systems of education during my twelve years of teaching, namely O-Levels, IGCSE, A-levels, SAT, Unified American syllabus and the IB Diploma. I have worked with reputed organizations like HITEC, Roots International, GSIS, Beaconhouse and Al-Hussan International (Saudi Arabia)


Fun fact: I like bike riding and have traveled across Pakistan.