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Mudassir Mehmood

Name and Role at BNI: Mudassir Mehmood – Math Analysis and Approaches l Math Applications & Interpretations Teacher.

Why BNI: I believe one should start thinking in math to realize it as a language to interpret different phenomenons of the world. I claim, math can be taught without writing a word on a page. BNI being an IB Continuum school enables me to use amazing tools and technology to help students learn what is behind the mathematics they know. 

Certifications: Masters in Finance, IB DP CAT 1, 2 and 3 

My Experience: I am a math enthusiast with 8000+ math tutorials which have received more than a million minutes of watch time by students in Pakistan and across the globe. I have taught various streams ranging from IGCSE, O/A level, Edexcel, and IB MYP/DP. I have worked with many reputable institutions like Head Start, Roots and currently working with Beaconhouse Newlands. I have done various (online+in-person) IB teacher training in the past five years. I am not good at sketching, however I use mathematical equations to create paintings. I love using geogebra, desmos, logger pro and many amazing tools to enhance student’s learning in my classroom.I have been teaching math IBDP students across the globe with amazing student’s feedback.

Fun Fact: I love cracking math jokes, actually all kinds of jokes.