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Maryam Naseem

Name and Role at BNI: Maryam Naseem – PYP Foreign Language (Mandarin) Teacher.


Why BNI: Because of the learning opportunities and professional development, BNI trained and experienced the staff. It’s atmosphere is ideal for academic and personal grooming.


Certifications: I have done  masters in Economics , HSK level 5 from BLCU,China. I have also done two teaching training programmes from China.


My Experience:  Training programme at BLCU (2011)

                                Roots international school ( 2012-2013)

                                Roots international school (2013-2017)

                                Chinese teacher training from Beijing (2015)

                                Army Public School (2016-2020)

                                The Science School (2017- 2018)

                                Beaconhouse Newlands Islamabad (2018 – Present)


Fun Fact:  I am a foodie  and  I love travelling.