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Mahnoor Shafiq

Name and Role at BNI: Mahnoor Shafiq – PYP Librarian & Reading Specialist

Why BNI: It gives me the freedom to experiment with out of the box teaching and learning methods. I have been able to effectively work on my interpersonal skills here, which gives me the ability to communicate and coordinate skillfully with teams and individuals alike.  

Certifications: I am a certified IB PYP Category 1 & 2 educator in Implementing Agency and The Written Curriculum.

My Experience: I chose the field of Law as an intriguing Undergraduate opportunity. After honing my skills in the mainstream education system for more than half a decade, I jumped on the IB bandwagon 2.5 years ago as me and my capabilities were not being challenged earlier on. My time so far has been a rollercoaster of emotions with a positive outcome.   

Fun Fact: I developed a love for cooking during the isolation period. I can watch Netflix for hours. Also, I am a book nerd!