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Mahjabeen Rafay

Name and Role at BNI: Mahjabeen Rafay – DP Advanced Skills Teacher| Extended Essay Coordinator| Global Politics Teacher| Business Management Teacher.


Why BNI: Having experienced IB education as a parent since 2014, I have not just developed a profound interest in their philosophy but have also become a part of it. BNI is an IB Continuum School and that is its USP. International mindedness and a growth-oriented approach that BNI fosters as its organizational culture, is its core strength. 


Certifications: I am a candidate of M.Phil in Cultural Studies, and have an MBA in Marketing and a BSc in General Science. I have attained several IB DP certifications ranging from subject specific trainings to Extended Essay and Approaches to Teaching & Learning. 


My Experience: I have worked in the banking and advertising sector for 5 years. I have taught MBAs, EMBAs and BBA students at the university level for another 5 years. I have been with BNI since July 2018 and have undergone various IB DP trainings to augment my understanding of the roles that I have here. 


Fun Fact: I am a mountain and a beach person who loves to play chess.