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Dure Tasneem

Name and Role at BNI: Dure Tasneem (Tania) Sajid – MYP Advanced Skills Teacher & Projects Coordinator.


Why BNI: While being part of the BSS family for 11 years, my passion for learning and the compelling environment of the IB system motivated me to join the system as a teacher where each day brought with itself something of value resulting in continuous growth in my personal and professional life. I have been part of BNI since its inception. 


Certifications: I have done Bachelors in Social Sciences with History and Political Science as my Majors. I am a certified IB Practitioner. 


My Experience: I believe our students are our future. Each of our students has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. As a teacher, I aim to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity and sheer determination. My classroom is a place where students feel important, respected, cared for and believed in. 


Fun Fact: I will climb a 100 stairs but I won’t use a lift.