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Ayesha Iqbal

Name and Role at BNI: Ayesha Iqbal – MYP Subject Specialist (Individuals and Society).


Why BNI: I view BNI not only as an institution I trust to have my children learn in, but myself as well. The degree of investment that is put into BNI faculty inspires a learning environment for children and adults alike. Thus, BNI stands out to me above all other institutions. 


Certifications: Bachelors in History and Political Science, Masters degree in Political Sciences and International Relations, IB MYP CAT 0 & 1.


Experience:  I have almost 12 years of working experience; that includes experience as a social studies coordinator in Beaconhouse. Social studies and Science teacher in different well-reputed institutions; including The Grammar school, The City School and Beaconhouse School System


Fun Fact: My most prized possession is my coin collection. I like collecting old coins, I find it to be an exciting venture because a coin can go far back in history. I like to research different coins, they teach me a lot about historical events and times. I enjoy the beauty of each coin and their intricate design.