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Amna Sattar

Name and Role at BNI: Amna Sattar – IGCSE Advanced Skills & English Language and Literature Teacher. 


Why BNI: I love being a teacher here when I see gleam in my students’ eyes after they grasp a concept. I take pride in a few compliments from my students after they turned into successful professionals and contacted me later; including, “can’t thank enough the way you taught tenses to us, “it’s for you that we have fallen in love with Ode to Grecian Urn” and the recent one that gave me sense of achievement, “previously it was all vague and rough the in mind, now we know what actually writer’s craft is.” 


Certifications: I am a certified IB practitioner. 


My Experience: I am a Masters in English Language and Literature from Punjab University. I have 17 years of work experience; including Telecom Industry (communication & Marketing department) and Teaching- English Language and Literature at college level and at different schools. 


Fun Fact: In spite of the fact that i am an introvert and like to spend time with my own self; but I can never say “no” to a cat’s company as i had always been in love with cats since childhood.