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Afshan Jabeen

Name and role at BNI: Afshan Jabeen – DP CAS Coordinator | DP II Homeroom Teacher |DP Examination Coordinator.


Why BNI: I have been a part of BNI since its inception, this institution has helped me grow personally and professionally. I have been a part of the IB education system for the past six years and I am a big advocate of this program. Its holistic nature and global approach makes it stand out from all other educational systems.


Certifications: I have earned a Master’s in Business Administration with a 3.75 GPA while being a mother of two small children. I have undergone four IB professional development certificates from the International Baccalaureate Organization in addition to many in-house training, my recent one being a Creativity, Activity, Service Category 2 Certificate. 


My Experience: After completing a Norwegian language certification and participating in sales and marketing courses, I worked as a sales representative for various European brands. After moving to Pakistan, I worked as an IB PYP teacher, an IB Career Advisor, and now I manage the IBDP CAS department. 


Fun Fact: My friends can vouch that I am easy going, empathetic and have a good sense of humour. I am very emotional and seeing anyone cry unleashes my own waterworks!