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Diagnostic Testing

At BNI, we believe that in order to maximize the true potential of each child, it is imperative that we first diagnose the strengths and challenges correctly and accurately. Diagnostic testing is an effective means of doing so. 

For Primary years (Grade III and above), all students undergo the NGRT (new group reading test) by GL assessments. The NGRT is a diagnostic test that measures the reading and comprehension skills and age of a child. It also provides solutions to overcome challenges for both the school and the parent. 

For Grades KG to five, we also conduct DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) which is a series of short tests that assess K-8 literacy. It is a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of a set of K-8 literacy skills, such as phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. DIBELS at BNI is conducted four times a year to ensure that the reading levels for BNI Primary students are at par with those of international standards. Based on the collected data, appropriate and required intervention is put in place and students are provided with learning support.

For Middle and Senior School (MYP and IBDP), all students undertake the CAT4 test by GL Assessment. CAT4 is most widely used in the UK for students aged 6 – 17+ years. It is an assessment of developed abilities in areas that greatly influence learning and achievement – namely verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning. Interestingly, CAT4 also provides indicators as to how a child will perform in International exams such as IGCSEs, A-Levels, IBDP. It also provides support in terms of strategies to be used to close gaps in any of the four above-mentioned areas.