Reading Specialist

The reading specialist at BNI takes the role of a librarian to a whole new level. We make sure the library is a safe and happy place for all students. It takes knowing each and every student at a personal level so that the appropriate book can be recommended. I believe every student can become a great reader if you address their interests and passions. Moreover, one on one reading sessions help those with reading difficulties; a great effort is made to improve reading skills across the board. Story telling sessions are a great way to inculcate the love of reading in our younger students. The BNI library is well stocked to cater to the diverse needs of each and every student. I have seen even the most reluctant of readers heading towards the book shelf. Moreover, I work closely with teachers and provide resources according to the needs of their class. The library supplements what the students are studying in their classes. Our mission is to make all students love reading as they embark on a journey of lifelong learning.