Busy Bodies

At BNI we understand how important choosing an Early Years setting is in creating a strong foundation for your child. We consider the individual needs, interests, and stages of development of each child and use this information to plan challenging and enjoyable experiences for them, throughout all areas of learning and development.  We believe in fostering the individuality and uniqueness of each child, therefore each area of learning and development is implemented through planned, purposeful play and a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity based on the Reggio Emilia approach.

It is a pedagogy that is child centered and delivered through the constructivist approach. Community spirit is a vital part of our system as it helps children cultivate nurturing relationships and develop into responsible citizens. To encourage healthy social interactive behaviour, we stress upon active learning and outdoor play.

Our practitioners respond to each child’s emerging needs and interests, guiding their development through warm and positive interaction. In planning and guiding children’s activities, practitioners observe the different ways that children learn and reflect these in their practice.