Clubs and Societies


Music Club

Inspired by The Juilliard School for Performing Arts, the club offers opportunities to learn music. Most children are born with the gift of music and with the right teaching during childhood, children can develop their musical and creative abilities to the highest possible level. The children are introduced to and taught a variety of musical instruments to explore and learn.


 Literary Club

Books are windows to the worlds of fantasy, drama, knowledge, technology and information. The very feel of a book provides the sense of a friend, comfort and happiness. The club provides books for all age groups, including parents, to read, share and promote a love of reading.


Students go through yoga elements with music and resistance training. Aimed at fitness of the body and mind, yoga is more than just exercise; it helps relieve stress and brings positivity to the mind and soul.


Robotics Club

Mechanization has overpowered the human race in the way of 21st century, and with it, the field of robotics is booming. Robots in all of their sizes, shapes, and levels of complexity have become pivotal   to our everyday lives—everything from the car you drive, to the energy it runs on, is dependent in some way on the power of robotics and mechanical engineering. Do you have a mechanical mind? Do you like to construct things? Our robotics club will teach you to work in teams, experiment, and create/construct things in a fun, yet challenging environment.


Theatre Club

This club is not only for those children who want to pursue a career in performing arts. It is
 for every child who wants to have fun, gain performing experience and, more importantly, gain confidence. As for those, who have the ability and the aspiration to pursue a career in the arts,
the club prepares children to the highest possible standard.


Art Club

 Art Club is an opportunity for interested students, from Grade I till XI, to meet after school to work on special art projects and to share art experiences with their peers. Art club is open to all students who are interested in arts; they do not need to be currently enrolled in an art class. The objectives of the Art Club are to provide an opportunity for art students to further their art making experience, to share their creative endeavors and ideas with other students and to further pursue their art interests.


Fitness First

 At BNI, we have our own fitness center which is open to students and faculty. Over the past decade, the importance given to fitness has grown manifold. People have become aware of their health, routine and fitness levels. As you know, a healthy body and mind are both needed to lead a healthy life. During ‘gym hour’, students get to work out and discuss their nutritional plan and exercise routine with our trainer. It is also a great way to end a productive day. The ‘fitness first’ club is open all grade from Grade I to XI.