About Newlands


Making decisions about our children’s education is difficult. It’s hard to know what’s available, and harder to determine if that’s the right choice for our kids. Many schools will claim to offer the very latest in curriculum and teaching – many will use all the right words, like ‘critical thinking’ and ‘problem-solving skills’ and ‘student-centered learning’ – but how can we tell if what they say is what they truly offer? One of schools which is based on this student-centered learning’ is Beaconhouse Newlands Islamabad, The international school draws its inspiration from Newlands School in the UK, combining an illustrious history with contemporary education. As an authorized IB World School ® for the Diploma Program (DP) and a candidate school for the Primary Years Program (PYP), inquiry remains at the heart of all learning that takes place here, whether that leads to the IBDP or the IGCSE. The Newlands team maintains an interdisciplinary approach throughout, keeping the emphasis on project-based learning that allows students to connect conceptual understanding with real-life applications. Using a real-world problem, our students show what they learn as they journey through an educational unit, interact with its lessons and collaborate with each other. Similarly, its IB-trained faculty is equipped with pedagogical expertise to support contemporary educational approaches – for them, 21st century skills and lifelong learners are not just catchphrases but the very premise of their teaching. Learning takes place both within and outside the classroom. Indoor learning spaces at Beaconhouse-Newlands are climate-controlled and technology-enabled, allowing the use of 21st-century tools to support research, creativity and presentations at all levels. There is even a Reggio Emilia-inspired crèche for newborns to 3-year-olds, which gives them room to explore their environment and learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing, with active involvement by parents and trained staff. Not only this, the sprawling campus is designed to meet all the needs of modern-day education, providing comfort, security, and the perfect environment to support intellectual, emotional and physical development. The state-of-the-art Sports Complex with a half Olympic-size swimming pool, squash courts and two basketball courts also includes a multipurpose hall that can be used for aerobics, Taekwondo, gymnastics and more. Two football grounds provide additional space to develop physical strength and agility. Beaconhouse Newlands places equal emphasis on academics, sports, and co-curricular activities, with a wide range of clubs and societies for students to explore their interests and hone their skills. The Julliard Club, inspired by The Juilliard School for Performing Arts, provides opportunities in dance, music and drama, while Camera Enthusiasts and Orators’ Den create spaces for aspiring photographers and public speakers. There’s Zumba for those looking for rhythm and movement, and reading for those more inclined towards the joy of words and language. These are just some of the options available as part of the school’s co-curricular offerings. There are times when parents are required to work late, or, in some cases, travel out of the city or country for an extended period of time. Making arrangements that don’t disrupt children’s schooling can be complicated. Beaconhouse Newlands is a day boarding school, which means an extended school day gives ample time for students to participate in sports and other activities, as well as get additional reinforcement lessons in areas that need attention. Boarding facilities for children mean that neither studies, nor friendships are disrupted if parents need to be away for a time. The Newlands Islamabad is a place where acceptance, care and support build strong relationships between students, parents and staff. Students are facilitated in the endeavor to become responsible global citizens who are aware of their role as members of the community and aspire to create meaningful change. The attributes of an IB learner – inquiry, knowledge, thought, communication, principles, open-mindedness, care, risk-taking, balance and reflection – inform the school’s approach at all levels. People may wonder whether the claims we’re making here are true or not – after all, every school says it’s the best option, right? Well, why not try it out and see for yourself? This summer, from July 3rd till July 29th, Beaconhouse Newlands Islamabad is setting up a summer camp with a range of activities for children of all ages. In addition to day-care for children under 3 years, there is a lot to choose from for anyone up to the age of 16 years. Whether it’s swimming or photography, yoga or music, theatre or ‘Mathemagic’, basketball, classical dance or craft-making, there’s something here to keep your kids engaged and active. And while you’re here, you can take a tour of the campus and meet some of our wonderful staff members. So yes, making decisions about our children’s education is difficult. But the Beaconhouse-Newlands team understands what it means to offer the very latest in curriculum and teaching, and they are dedicated to ensure that all students benefit from that knowledge daily. Their mantra is not to superficially use words like ‘critical thinking’ and ‘problem-solving skills’ and ‘student-centered learning’, - They aspire their pupils to live them.