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1. Does BNI offer both IGCSE and MYP?

We are a candidate school for MYP. Therefore, we will continue to offer IGCSE  till 2023.

2. What is MYP?

MYP is the Middle Years Program offered by the IB. It is a rigorous, five-year program at the end of which you get the MYP certificate. Students then transition to either IBDP, A-Levels or F.A/F.Sc.

3. What is IGCSE?

IGCSE is the ‘International General Certificate of Secondary Education’.At BNI, we run the IGCSE as a three-year program. The exams are externally set and marked by the University of Cambridge. Any student who takes an IGCSE subject will be gaining a qualification that is recognised globally. It is an academically-strong program and our students chose ten subjects for IGCSE, which is very rare. Students then transition to either IBDP, A-Levels or F.A/F.Sc.

4. How many subjects are taught in MYP/IGCSE?

In MYP, students have to do a total of 8 subject groups. Alongside this, the students do a personal project. 

In IGCSE, our students take ten subjects. We pride ourselves on offering such an extensive range/number of subjects. This gives our students the edge/advantage they need. 

5. What kind of faculty do you have for teaching IGCSE/MYP?

All teachers are certified to teach their subjects in their specific programs. Our teachers are experienced and thorough professionals. BNI ensures continuous professional development in the form of training sessions, in-house workshops, external trainings, throughout the year. 

6 Are there external assessments in the MYP like in IGCSE?

Yes, E-Assessments are scheduled in the fifth and last year of MYP. Each student takes a minimum of seven e-assessments and submits one portfolio for either PHE/Arts/Design. E-assessments are on-screen examinations. Each E-assessment is two-hours long. 

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