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The boarding facility at BNI is far from the boarding houses you see around the country. Our boarding experience is unique because it emulates homliness, comfort and convenience. A typical day in the life of a boarder includes play, work and lots of fun. Scrumptious meals pepared in our very own kitchen are served in the student dining hall which buzzes with life and laughter. School hours are long and the day ends at 3:10 pm. By then, the students are done with classes, sports and lunch. Tea time is a way to unwind, relax and reflect on the day’s events. All students are required to sit for mandatory prep time in the evenings, the duration of which is flexible and depends upon exams/assessments schedules at school.

Dinner is served at half eight, and lights are out by ten. Weekends are special for boarders and something they all look forward to. Recreational activites which include trips to the shopping mall, theatre, parks, mueseums and sometimes to the nearby mountains are planned for the weekends. The holiday is also spent playing cricket, football and squash. All sports facilities, including the swimming pool, are accessible for boarders at all times. A local Qari Sahib visits the premise daily for Quran lessons and to lead the Friday congregational prayers for students and staff..

“We address the health and safety needs of each student with great care and consideration. ”

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