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Admission Form

Student's Information (To be completed by Parent/Guardian)

Please read rules and instructions below before submitting your form.

1. The admission form must be completed in all respects and returned to the school office along with:

• Copies of National ID card of both the parents or guardian (Pakistani Nationals).
• Copies of first two pages of passport of both the parents or guardian (Foreign Nationals).
• Copies of the child's birth certificate.
• Copies of the child's last school report.
• Two passport size photographs of child.

2. The Beaconhouse Newlands academic year commences in August and concludes in June of every year.

3. If, as a result of his/her test and interview, your child Is not considered academically suitable for admission into the class for which admission is being sought, then the possibility of accepting him/her in any other class will not be considered unless the child Is re-registered and re-tested for the particular class.

4. All details regarding registration/admissions/withdrawal policies etc will be given out by the school individually.

5. The school reserves all rights of review and increase in the registration fee, tuition fee and all other fees, changes and deposits ancillary thereto without prior notice or consent of the parents.

6. No concession will be given to the students on account of the fact that their siblings (irrespective of the number) are already enrolled in any branch of the school.

7. The school has the absolute discretion to regulate the syllabus, curriculum course books and other teaching materials In order to provide quality education to the student. The consent of the parents is not required to make any changes in the curriculum etc.

8. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse registration without assigning any reason
Please Inform the school in a confidential letter enclosed with the form if:

a) the child's parents are separated or divorced;
b) any person named in this form·expects to change address during the next 12 months;
c) there is any other confidential information you wish to disclose;
d) there are special dietary needs.

I have carefully read and understood the above Rules and instructions of the school contained in the School Prospectus an, hereby agree to abide by them. I also agree and undertake to give one month's notice of withdrawal or one month's fee in lieu thereof.